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The Company was established in the Autumn of 2013 as a home-based enterprise focused on bringing Hastings Original Lemon Ketchup to your restaurants; dining rooms; home kitchens and bars – places where quality food is loved and enjoyed.


The freshness of lemons, the tang of root ginger blended with warm, piquant spices make Hastings Original Lemon Ketchup a delectable accompaniment to chicken, seafood, salads, steaks and other cuts of meat.

Hastings Original Lemon Ketchup works very well as an ingredient, lending its citrus/savoury flavour-tones to fish pies, pasta dishes and soups.


Hastings Original Lemon Ketchup: a lemon based condiment, original in flavour, versatile in use; a ketchup that would sit with purpose upon any table.
A brand which our home town Hastings would be proud to call its own. A ketchup to woo the world

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For wholesale enquiries and customer service please email or phone.
Tel: 07968 038687

If you would like to purchase Hastings Lemon Ketchup please use the Buy Button that will take you to our on-line sales distributer Sen5es.

Stuart at Sen5es is a wizard at speedy on-line order fulfillment. Our standard shipping is throughout the UK but if you would like bottles sending anywhere else please get in touch with Stuart and ask him for a quote.